A variety of trendy, modern brands, that cater to the stylish and youthful, is the epitome of the Group’s strategy in the Fashion sector.

 Footwear, apparel & accessories, with contemporary and chic pieces that will spruce up your wardrobe and allow you to be stylish in every aspect of life. The Fashion Divisiοn portfolio, responds to those who follow the latest trends, to those who look the must-have’s of every season, as well as those who choose sustainable and planet friendly options. 

Signature, international fashion-lifestyle brands, iconic collections of ready to wear (including styles for Men, Women and Kids), as well as options for those who seek more classic and timeless options. 

But what is a fashion-lifestyle brand? Lifestyle brands are way more than fashion. They are cultivating feelings and make us members of a wider community. They’re the brands that you follow on Instagram. They tend to present a whole mood, a whole way of life and transition from commodity to center of attention!

Build your forever wardrobe with bold, joyful outfits either sport or casual, beautiful, and versatile investment pieces of bags and accessories, glamorous or comfy pair of shoes to wear on every occasion. Get ready to embrace a new bold look for the season, while discovering all essential products. 

Treat yourself to something from the most diverse range of brands, embrace something positive and make sure you’re stylish in every aspect of your life.

We welcome you to the ultimate fashion destination!