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A Matter Of Commitment – Fais Group


Corporate Social Responsibility, in action. Or rather, through actions. Whether independently or in cooperation with organizations and initiatives, the Fais Group supports efforts that concern society, the environment, and people through meaningful acts. The list of the Group’s Social Responsibility actions is wide. But then again, so are the needs. That is why it is very important for us – and it is our commitment – to continue methodically and steadily. Change for the better only comes if we try. All together.

Making a Difference with Technogym and Sakis Rouvas.

At Fais Group, we are committed to fostering wellness and supporting our communities. This year, Technogym collaborated with the renowned Greek star Sakis Rouvas for the global social challenge ‘Let’s Move for a Better World’.

Our collective efforts resulted in the accumulation of 500,000 MOVEs (Technogym’s unit of movement measurement) in Greece, enabling us to donate €10,000 worth of advanced wellness equipment to the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department at Sismanogleio Hospital. Sakis Rouvas played a pivotal role, advocating Technogym’s philosophy that physical activity is vital for health prevention and therapy.

This initiative, part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, exemplifies our dedication to improving lives and promoting sustainable well-being. Together, we aim to build a healthier and more active society.

New Fais Group contribution to the Easter Smile Bazaar by Smile of the Child

We are proudly announcing the new contribution of Fais Group to the Easter Smile Bazaar of the charitable organization “Smile of the Child” from April 19th to 30th. 

Right before the Easter Holidays, Fais Group offers branded clothing to the Bazaar shop-goers, providing them with the opportunity to acquire quality fashion items at exceptional prices.

Through this contribution, Fais Group expresses its dedication to the work of “Smile of the Child” and its willingness to support efforts for the well-being of children in need, creating a brighter future for them and their families.

Fais Group supports KETHEA

KETHEA (Center for the Treatment of Addicted People) is the largest network of rehabilitation and social reintegration services in Greece. It has been operating since 1983, with the forerunner of Ithaki, the first Greek therapeutic community. Today, it has more than 100 units nationwide, in 31 cities, offering its services free of charge to 15,000 people facing different forms of addiction and their families.

Fais Group is proud and honored to be part of such an important effort. More specifically, we donated a considerable amount of sports equipment, including Wilson volleyballs, Technogym fitness equipment, sports clothing and footwear. The aim is for this equipment to be used by members of the treatment community (adolescents and young adult users) and their families in the sporting activities inside and outside the program. Contributing to such a valuable collective activity is also an indirect recognition by the Group of its significance to society. 

Fais Group, for Christmas full of Smiles!

The holiday season is much more than just another opportunity for celebration. Just before the end of the year and the beginning of the new one, it is the perfect time for giving, love, and smiles.

That’s why Fais Group supported the efforts of the Hamogelo Tou Paidiou (The Smile of the Child) organization by participating in the traditional Christmas Smile Bazaar for the second consecutive year. 

More specifically, the Group donated essential clothing items (such as cardigans, T-shirts, and sweatshirts), which will be distributed to children and families in need. Together with Hamogelo, we transform the festive days into a season of joy, solidarity, and humanity!

Fais Group & We4ALL: Joint Action for a Greener Environment

Fais Group, in the practical implementation of its Corporate Social Responsibility policies, always collaborates with responsible and recognized entities. In this context, it is now a supporter of We4ALL, a global non-profit environmental and humanitarian organization that started in our country in 2018 after the wildfires in Mati. The goal of We4ALL is to encourage everyone to contribute to healing our Earth while reminding us that this planet is our home.

We4ALL carries out actions such as tree planting, beach cleanups, forest restoration, and more. Regarding the collaboration with the Fais Group, over the weekend of October 21 and 22, they planted 50 trees (cypresses, Apollo laurels, lentisks, and carob trees) in the burned forest area in Rovies, Evia. This was a deliberate choice, as these specific species are fire-resistant, resilient, and easily adapt to the local ecosystem.

The action will be completed by the end of the year, with an additional 100 trees to be planted by December in Kalivia, Attica, and Paiania. And of course, this is just the beginning. For Fais Group, the permanent and ongoing goal is a better and greener environment!

Fais Group at the Greece Race for the Cure®: the race never stops!

Another initiative by Fais Group has been successfully completed as part of its Corporate Social Action policies. This time, it collaborated with the Panhellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois,” a non-profit association founded in 1988 by women who had personally experienced breast cancer. One of the main pillars of the Association’s operation is to provide information on the prevention and early diagnosis of the disease through initiatives and actions.

One of these is the Greece Race for the Cure®. The largest sporting event with a social purpose in Greece has been held in Athens for 15 years, gathering tens of thousands of spectators and participants each time. This year’s symbolic race and walk took place on October 1 at Zappeion, with participation exceeding all expectations. As for the Group’s contribution, it was made through a donation through the KIKO Milano brand. More specifically, the Group’s beauty brand offered 500 pieces of its best-selling “Extra Sculpt Mascara” as prizes to the winners of the competitions.

This initiative is one more piece in the Group’s mosaic of actions, with a sense of consistency and responsibility towards the winners of life who stand boldly and courageously in the face of every difficulty. As long as the struggle continues, the Fise Group will be present!

Wise Greece & Agora Modiano: Strategic Partnership

Wise Greece is a United Nations award-winning, food-focused non-profit movement. The “Grocery Store for a Good Cause,” located inside Agora Modiano, promotes more than 2,500 products from 100 small Greek producers – such as pasta, legumes, handmade jams, honey, sweets, olive oils, olives, and much more. The profit from these products’ sales is turned into food for Institutions in Thessaloniki and the wider region. Agora Modiano, a proud brand of the Fais Group with a high sense of social responsibility, supports Wise Greece’s Hope Boxes program through the strategic partnership that has been built for a good cause and provides six tons of food every year to Institutions in Thessaloniki and the surrounding areas that support children, families, elderly and disabled people! The first Institution that received 1 ton of essential goods, such as flour, legumes, pasta, jams, etc., was the Center for the Disabled “The Savior” in Thessaloniki. The second Institution that received another ton of food of high

nutritional value through this strategic cooperation was the “Child’s Asylum” also in Thessaloniki. Wise Greece is a Strategic Social Responsibility Partner of Agora Modiano in an effort to maximize social impact! This partnership aims to support as many of our fellow citizens in need as possible.