1. Who we are

Fais Group of Companies has been active for more than 40 years in the retail and wholesale clothing, footwear, beauty and accessories markets, as well as in the management of department stores, dominating the Greek market and operating in Bulgaria, Romania & Cyprus.

Its business activities include the distribution of luxury, casual, and lifestyle apparel, footwear, and accessories from powerful and innovative brands. The Group maintains a strong portfolio of iconic fashion and sports brands, as well as leading brands in other lifestyle & beauty sectors.

Covering all distribution channels, the Group focuses on robust and long-term partnerships with key wholesalers. In retail, it operates on an exclusive flagship-store base and through multi-brand stores, corners in major department stores, outlets, and online stores in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Cyprus.

In addition, the Group has expanded its activities in other sectors, such as food and beverage, yachts, tourism, etc.

2. Fais Group today

With the advantage of having established and developed brands for over 40 years, Fais Group dominates the Greek retail and wholesale market, with its staff currently amounting up to approximately 1,200 people.

The Group continues to expand its business activities through targeted moves in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, and Bulgaria, constantly broadening its product portfolio. Moreover, it continues to pioneer and shape trends in every aspect of its business without resting on simply meeting the needs of the public. 

Backed by an extensive commercial network, a broad portfolio of strong, well-loved, and innovative brands, as well as many long-term partnerships, the Group’s successful track record follows a steady growth orientation. A course that is not independent of the fundamental values that have characterized it from the very beginning.

The insight and flexibility which allow it to recognize the market environment, shaping trends that respond to the real needs of its audience. The non-negotiable commitment to quality – of goods and services. Respect for each partner, employee, or consumer earned through a substantial and daily effort, operating with reliability, transparency, and honesty. And, of course, its Greekness, which is reflected in terms of workforce, connection with society, and market position.


A Group with a history and a perspective, which draws inspiration and responds to the wishes of its customers, however demanding they may be, with consistency, seriousness, and a creative spirit. This is Fais Group!