Gastronomy and hospitality. In their proper business dimension and illustration, these two concepts go beyond the sterile definition of service, becoming one of the most essential writing samples for a brand.

The Group, embracing the global trend for quality tourism and hospitality services, invests in it holistically and multi-dimensionally. The spearhead of this is two top-quality projects: the reconstruction of the Modiano Market in Thessaloniki and the opening of the luxury 5* Radisson Blu Zaffron Resort in Santorini. Projects such as the iconic Castello Bibelli tower in Corfu and the Bufala Gelato ice cream chain complete the business mosaic that is spreading dynamically.

The foundation of this presence is a set of values and practices such as sustainability, support for local communities, the promotion of the production and products of each region, and the effective strengthening of employment. As for the future? The Group aims to expand to other high-profile locations in Greece, developing top-quality gastronomic concepts in the era’s spirit.