Gastronomy and hospitality. When properly implemented, these two concepts go beyond the mere definition of service, being the best and most meaningful examples of a brand principle.

The newly created Hospitality & Gastronomy Division is the spearhead of Fais Group at a juncture characterized by two events: the transition to the post-COVID era and the rapid recovery of the tourism sector, both domestically and globally.

The Group responds to this by investing in it holistically and multidimensionally, through a series of strategic moves. Two premium-level projects are leading the way: the reconstruction of Modiano Market in Thessaloniki and the opening of the 5* Radisson Blu Zaffron Resort in Santorini. These projects are pieces of a dynamic business mosaic that reinforces a great dynamic development. Among them is the iconic Castello Bibelli tower in Corfu – the revival and development of which Fais

The Group has also undertaken the Bufala Gelato ice cream chain, as of seven years ago.

The foundation of Fais Group presence is a set of values and practices that are friendly to the environment, society, and people: sustainability, practical support for local communities, promotion of the products of each region, and a substantial boost to employment. For example, for the Group’s two new projects, a total of 450 new jobs are expected to be created (300 at Agora Modiano and 150 at the 5* Radisson Blu Zaffron Resort).

As for the follow-up? Based on the Group’s strategic plans, the Hospitality & Gastronomy Division aspires to expand to other high-profile locations in Greece, developing high-end gastronomic concepts based on the current trends.